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InduraPower is a leading manufacturer of the most advanced intelligent Lithium ion batteries for autos, motorcycles and boats. The company has several patents in BMS, high impact casings and printed circuit boards. Advanced features include remote control by a proprietary mobile phone app, InduraPower logo power reserves to guarantee a final engine crank, heaters to provide starting power in cold weather, circuitry to turn the battery off when not in use and a gyroscope to disconnect power in case of an accident. InduraPower Intelligent Batteries are light, environmentally friendly and require no maintenance. Elitise provides a 5-year warranty with an extended life expectancy.

The InduraPower Intelligent Battery Series embraces Lithium ion power solutions and mobile technology to transform the traditional lead-acid battery market. This includes autos and other vertical markets such as military, telecom, medical and power sports. Elitise Company Profile Our batteries offer unmatched levels of starting power, durability and reliability to consumers in the mobility markets, in addition to a much smaller size and weight versus competition. Smart Technology utilized in our batteries “Puts the power of your battery in the palm of your hand” through our interactive Bluetooth App. InduraPower provides up to the minute data for all battery functions via our proprietary mobile application.


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Dr. Sergei Begliarov (left in photo), a successful entrepreneur and investor, and Kagum Zakharyan (right in photo), an accomplished engineer, began discussing the idea of developing an efficient automotive starter battery based on Lithium Iron Phosphate technology. Previously, Kagum worked with similar technology while developing cutting edge aerospace power storage products. Upon realizing the great potential of the technology for automotive use, Dr. Begliarov funded the launch of Elitise. The team created an initial prototype and in March 2014, Elitise LLC was formed in Tucson, Arizona, USA, to produce the InduraPower Intelligent Battery Series.

Sergei Begliarov serves as the President and CEO at Elitise LLC. He has over 25 years of owning and operating technology companies. He is recognized as a serial entrepreneur in technology development, product commercialization and product licensing. Sergei is a co-founder, seed capital provider and largest shareholder.

Kagum Zakharyan serves as Vice President at Elitise. Kagum has 14 years of experience in battery development and is the holder of several patents in the field. He has held several lead positions in aerospace and power supply firms. Kagum's expertise is in mechanical engineering and Lithium ion batteries. He is a co-founder of Elitise with Dr. Begliarov.


The Elitise Founders: Sergei Begliarov and Kagum Zakharyan

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